a scripted life by fotodok

during the master I’m developing a method called a scripted life, in which I ask others to write and direct 24 hours of my life. it’s an attempt to look in a new, refreshing, cinematic and therapeutic manner at our moral identity, exploiting its malleability; a method to go beyond my comfort zone –  gaining control by letting go – and finding new creativity.
the continuing collection of scripts are written by people that matter to me (artists, writers, an ex-boyfriend, mum, current boyfriend, curators) and come with a documentation of the scripted day in a written report, polaroid pictures and a self-portrait. in the reports you can read how I am instructed to sell flowers in a bar, have dinner with a mirror, photograph a stranger in my neighbor’s clothes, shave my hair to get a tattoo, sing mantra’s with the hare krishna and buy a single ticket to tokyo.

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