simone engelen [1988] is a visual artist from the netherlands. she studied photography at the royal academy of art, the hague in 2012 and received a master degree in photography from the st. joost academy, breda in 2016.

within her work she experiments with ways of regaining control over body and mind, using a range of techniques, including photography, installation, performance and meditation, to provoke the viewer to question and share the very stories that define us.

after living in japan for awhile she now works on a project called 27 drafts, for which she uses a series of letters that she’s been trying to write following a painful incident from the past. in this work, she returns to the remote mountain village, revisits the guilty landscapes, and shapes current reality to look at how elusive the search for closure and meaning can be.

in 2016 she explored the same theme in the multimedia installation love hotel, using the walls of a capsule hotel in tokyo as a metaphor for the female body. with the statement ‘my body is a hotel. my body is not a hotel’ simone deals with ownership over her own body, addressing issues of feminism, sexuality, and memory by explicitly giving viewers permission to enter this most private of spaces.