simoneengelentrunka photograph from the serie from buddha to yogi is chosen as photo of the month on fomaa! during this month the picture will be for sale in a one-off edition of a unique format and price :)

‘a greater antithesis is hardly imaginable: the gnarled, contorted branches, the lushes growing grass, the vitality, abundance and primal strength of nature in contrast to the fat, white, vulnerable, almost formless body of a man. in this image the natural state of man has nothing to do with what we see as nature. it appears as if the man just happens to have sat there, in a posture that renders him anonymous but also makes us wonder what has brought him to sit here.
nothing in his posture gives the impression he can or wants to move. he sits there like a large pink smudge between the branches.

actually he’s a little bit in our way. he defines the image in ways that we would rather not contend with. he compels us to look at him, to seek his folds, to scan his skin with our eyes, to examine him whilst he sits reluctantly and motionless on the branch. a greater contrast is hardly conceivable, he couldn’t be more naked, his exposure couldn’t be more candid. here this man has become flesh and challenges us to consider our perceptions.’

anthon fasel