This ongoing project is about an overweight man I met at the Bikram yoga Centre. I was fascinated how a man of his size dared to participate in stretching exercises, in a sauna-like environment, wearing little more than a pair of swimming trunks. When I asked him about his motivations he answered, ‘I’m planning to transform from Buddha to Yogi.’

Since then we have embarked together on a 100 days Bikram yoga challenge (90 minutes of yoga a day, in a room that’s 40 degrees). A huge challenge, but by offering support and recording his progress, I am able to contribute to this mans health.

His own thoughts on this were, ‘It’s been as if I am carrying a woman along with me all my life, at least, the extra weight is always with me. And who knows, if I loose the weight, perhaps a real woman will come in its place.’

I’m aware of the thin line I’m walking on to realize this personal project. When do you come too close? These are the years to discover my own boundaries.

sir etok, 2018

As soon as we sat down in our rental
we couldn’t stop fighting

Since we couldn’t think of anything better to do
we kept on driving

Until there was no road to continue

Once we’d set up our tent
we found a small place to eat

As the waiter brought us our catch of the days
he told us a bit about this place


That it stemmed from the word ‘Sir Etok’ and that it meant ‘The end of the world’.

That evening
when the rain beat down on our tent
and wasn’t waterproof anymore
we crawled underneath the same sleeping bag

‘I love you’ he said.
‘I love you too’ I said, ‘sir Etok’.

I guess we both didn’t want to admit it
at the time…but it really was
the end of the world.

Atleast the end of our world.

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