my father got fired.
deleted from the company he worked for for over twenty years,
victimised during the latest reorganisation.
he’s fifty-something.
frustrated feelings of failure and uselessness.

to find peace with his past and restore his self-esteem
he decides to take a self-imposed leave of absence
from everything that is important to him.
away from home, family, friends, business relations.
out of the picture for a while.
two months bali in seclusion to think matters over,
to put things into perspective.

a time to get inspired and find new energy.
during this trip he keeps a daily journal,
parts of which are used for this book.

I believe that my fathers unusual kind of sabbatical
shows a combination of guts and love.
an unconditional trust of my mom and dad in each other.
and a strong believe that – no matter the misfortune –
the will to survive will result in something positive.

out of the picture sketches the months
that he was away searching for answers.

who knows, perhaps this project will be an inspiration
for others finding themselves in similar situations.
one can get back into the picture
– whatever picture you choose to be in –
as long as you pursue your own values,
and have the support of those that love you.

simone engelen