in 2017 i lived in japan for sometime

on my own while the boyfriend stayed
at home

our relationship was so strong

we believed distance and time
wouldn’t make a difference

after spending six months apart
he came to visit

we decided to travel to hokkaido

as soon as we sat down in our rental car we couldn’t stop fighting

he didn’t have a driver’s license
and my driving is terrible
especially on the left side of the road

not like we had anything better to do
i just kept on driving
until there was no road to continue

we set up our tent
found a small place to eat and
asked the waiter for the catch of the day

his english was better than our japanese

he told us a bit about this place
stemmed from the word sir etok:
the end of the world

that evening
when the rain beat down on our tent
and wasn’t waterproof anymore
we crawled underneath the same sleeping bag

i love you he said
we laughed
the whole situation was just so ridiculous
i love you too, sir etok

i guess we both didn’t want to admit it
at the time…but it really was
the end of the world
atleast the end of our world