sir etok, 2018

…As soon as we sat down in our rental car we couldn’t stop fighting
Since we had nothing better to do
we just kept on driving
until there was no road to continue
Once we’d set up our tent
we found a small place to eat.
When the waiter brought us the catch of the day
he told us in broken English a little bit about this place
‘Shiretoko’, stemmed from the word ‘Sir Etok’ or
‘The end of the world’.

That evening
when the rain beat down on our tent
and wasn’t waterproof anymore
we crawled underneath the same sleeping bag
‘I love you’ he said.
‘I love you too, sir Etok’.
I guess we both didn’t want to admit it
at the time…but it really was
the end of the world.
Atleast the end of our world.

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